Two Moms In The Raw Launches A Cookbook

5280 Magazine
This is a healthy—and delicious—boost to your cookbook collection.

MAY 2015

Lafayette resident Shari Koolik Leidich was living a busy life—until the morning she woke up with hands so stiff she could barely hold a pen. Extensive tests revealed Leidich had multiplesclerosis. She was 36.

Leidich took to the kitchen and discovered that, along with acupuncture and massage therapy, maintaining a mostly raw food diet helped keep her symptoms in check. When she couldn’t find crunchy, satisfying snack foods, she made them. Soon, friends and family were clamoring for Leidich’s granolas, sea crackers, and nut bars, and in 2006, she and her mother launched Two Moms in the Raw.

This month, nearly 10 years after the company’s inception, Leidich will release a cookbook (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) filled with her favorite dishes. Consider it a flavorful take on clean, healthy eating. And here’s the kicker: Leidich doesn’t actually enjoy cooking, which means none of the 130-plus recipes requires hours spent toiling in the kitchen.

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