Curb Your Cravings: 3 Simple Tricks to Avoid Sneak Cravings

“Give a woman the right snacks and she can conquer the world.”

That’s how the quote goes, right? Either way, we’re firm believers that the right foods are pretty power-full. Eat the good stuff and your day will follow suit. But we know it’s quite easy to succumb to the junk food sirens that beckon to us at our most vulnerable–leaving us zapped of energy and strength.

Of course, as health-food lovers and wellness advocates, we’ve got some quick fixes. Mix our craving-blocking tricks with the latest ways to enjoy our sprouted, power-packed treats, and you’re on your way to snacking more mindfully in 2016!

Go Ahead, Indulge Your Post-Meal Sweet Tooth:

Do you crave chocolate after your meals? Slip one of our Cacao Almond Truffles in your lunch box to tame your taste buds. The almond protein curbs sugar cravings and helps you stay satisfied. These little nuggets of sprouted, raw goodness are also brimming with nutrients that provide health benefits well beyond dinner!

Stash and Dash

Rule #1: Mind your metabolism! The quickest way to crash into sugar-craving-binge-dom? Letting yourself get HUNGRY. It feels impossible to satisfy cravings when you’ve hit that “point of no return.” A surefire way to avoid that ravenous “I will eat anything” moment is to keep food on you at all times. Stash a few Nut Bars in your bag, car, or desk drawer for a foolproof secret weapon. With the right amount of regular glucose to the brain, your mind will stay sharp and you’ll avoid the junk.

More Mini Meals, Mama!

Think like a kid: snacks on snacks on snacks. Add a piece of fruit or granola bar to your mid-morning routine in order to fill up on healthy fats, fiber, and plant-based protein. These nutrients will help you refuel, and you’ll take pride in how easy it is to turn down those surprise office donuts.

Satisfy your cravings by shopping all our delicious, raw snacks here!

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