Purge your pantry!

This year, spring cleaning isn’t just scrubbing the counters and going through your closet. It means deep cleaning the heart of your kitchen–your pantry! Out with the bad, in with the pure, whole food goodness!

Feeling daunted by the task at hand? Start by scanning your pantry for these 5 easy-to-spot ingredients. Check the labels on any store-bought, packaged food for these ingredients, and consider replacing them with some better-for-you swaps. We promise your body will thank you!

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#BYOT (Bring Your Own Topping) Offers a Delicious Twist on Snack Time!


It’s 2pm. Your stomach grumbles and your mind wanders. You need an energy fix and a break from your Inbox. But how do you keep things interesting in the snack department?

BYOT (bring your own topping, of course!). We’ll provide the perfect Cracker vessel and you provide your favorite flavor combo! Our Almond Protein Crackers and Sea Crackers stay true to our sprouted, gluten-free and non-GMO promises. From savory to sweet, there’s a cracker for every topping and a topping for every cracker.

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Curb Your Cravings: 3 Simple Tricks to Avoid Sneak Cravings

“Give a woman the right snacks and she can conquer the world.”

That’s how the quote goes, right? Either way, we’re firm believers that the right foods are pretty power-full. Eat the good stuff and your day will follow suit. But we know it’s quite easy to succumb to the junk food sirens that beckon to us at our most vulnerable–leaving us zapped of energy and strength.

Of course, as health-food lovers and wellness advocates, we’ve got some quick fixes. Mix our craving-blocking tricks with the latest ways to enjoy our sprouted, power-packed treats, and you’re on your way to snacking more mindfully in 2016!

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