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Big dreams sprout from small seeds.
Every time you choose plant-based foods with sprouted ingredients, you take a little step toward turning your big dreams into reality, by nourishing a healthier body, and a healthier world, too.

You get out of life what you put into it.
And the same goes for your body.

  • Granola BARS

  • Almond Butter Truffles

  • Nut bars

  • Almond Protein Crackers

At Soul SproutTM, we craft delicious organic snacks packed with lively, sprouted ingredients to help you feel great, heal yourself when things get out of balance and function at your highest level. We call that Accelerated NutritionTM.

We’re here to sprout big changes, one snack at a time.

Here’s what people are saying about Soul SproutTM

  • “Hi there! Just wanted you all to know that my search for a reasonable calorie, NON SUGAR good tasting morning start has ended when we tried our first box of your product. Two Moms’, a handful of fresh berries or banana, plain yogurt and splash of Almond milk is the best thing going! Thank you for making good for you tastes so GOOD!

    Dan Van Daalwyk

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  • “I’m writing to you as I purchased one of your bars & loved it! Truth be told I’m not always a huge fan of all natural bars as sometimes are dry; tasteless. But yours were wonderful! Loved the hint of cinnamon, & they were little chewy which I love. As a nurse, I sympathize with health struggles. Kudos to you for making this product. We all need to be more aware of the food we are putting in our bodies. I don’t typically write to food companies but was quite impressed. And we all need some positive reinforcement from time to time.”


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  • “I just found your granola bars and purchased a box yesterday. I thought they were wonderful! My body has an allergy to wheat and oats so regular granola causes my body to react. I just wanted to thank you. Sincerely,”

    Lorrie Morah

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  • “I love the Golden berry and Blueberry Granola Bars; I feel good emotionally and physically after eating this healthy food. Thank You for creating such a wonderful product.”

    Jeanne Miller

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  • “My family and I love your products! We are very health conscious and always on the go. Your bars make it easy to have a healthy snack with us at all times. There are a lot of bars on the market but yours is our favorite. We love the blueberry bar the best”

    Lauren Newmyer

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  • “Bought some of your Cayenne Cacao Nut Butter Truffles today at Whole Foods, and have just eaten them in my hotel room. OH MY GOODNESS, so fantastic! Best thing I’ve eaten in ages.”

    Alastair McDonald

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  • “GOOD Morning!! Really just needed to reach out and tell you how grateful I am for you and your amazing sprouted nut bars, so MIRACULOUS!!! LOVE THEM and YOU SO MUCH!! THANK YOU”


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